Scotland Weddings and Flower Traditions

Weddings in Scotland are a truly special experience and they are rich in both customs and their own special blend of drama. Those who are either getting married in the country or are going to be attending a wedding ceremony there will definitely benefit from understanding these traditions. Wedding flowers of Scotland are a huge tradition, but the ceremonies do tend to follow a certain style. First, there are generally 3 bridesmaids who attend to the bride, but there is also a page boy who wears a kilt and presents a silver horseshoe to the couple as a symbol of luck. This is done just as the bride exits the church to join her new husband for their life together. Sometimes, a person or group will play the bagpipes as the couple heads to their car, then the new husband will toss coins from the car to the children before they drive away. Afternoon weddings are the custom here with merry making that lasts until the wee hours of the morning.

When it comes to Scotland flowers for weddings, one should definitely have a flower delivery made if they will not be able to attend the event. Florists of Scotland know exactly how to create an amazing bouquet and they are able to give the right touches to bring the proper Scottish accents into play. Many times, a traditional rose and thistle bouquet will do quite nicely, for this is the flower of romance (the rose) combined with the traditional flower of Scotland itself (the thistle). For a flower delivery Scotland has a great many options and these are easy to find, plus the florists Scotland has today are experts at creating a meaningful floral arrangement a new couple will be delighted to see from far away friends or relatives. When it comes to wedding flowers Scotland has no shortage of excellent options.