5 Native Flowers of Scotland

Of all the Scotland flowers to choose from, these are 5 native to the country that could make a very fine choice for a flower delivery Scotland residents will love. For those who wish to send flowers to Scotland, these selections can work well because they are part of the local landscape and a beauty to behold. Whether one seeks a business floral arrangement or wedding flowers Scotland has plenty of local choices to work with. This, combined with the fact that the florists Scotland has are so creative makes flower delivery in Scotland a terrific choice.


Here is a flower that carpets the highland areas of Scotland. It has bell shaped flowers which bloom in the late summer and early autumn. Purple is the color of these Scotland flowers and it plays a very important part in the local culture, being a well remembered symbol of the land. Scotland florists are able to incorporate it with a great deal of tastes if you would like to make a flowers delivery Scotland friends or relatives will love.


This is a shade loving flower that is a first sign of spring and between march and May its blooms are quite a sight in the country. The delicate blossoms come in many colors and they are truly a spectacle that could easily be part of a Scotland flower delivery which would delight its recipient.

Wild Rose

- Early months of summer find the air rich with the scent of this amazing rose, a native to the lowlands of the country. Florists Scotland is home to are able to make amazing bouquets either with these flowers or very close approximations. For wedding flowers Scotland offers no better choice because these are wild and romantic with a great deal of appeal.


This is the flower of Scotland in the national sense and it speaks of pride and ability to defend. This is the best choice for those who want to display a strong spirit and are proud of the country. It is an excellent choice for any person wishing to to display serious Scottish pride through a flower delivery to Scotland that will surely trigger delight.